Friday, June 5, 2009

Feta makes everything betta

Don't you just love it when you whine to yourself "Man, there is NOTHING to eat at home!" and then realize you have a few random things that you totally forgot about that are just straight chillin' in the veggie crisper?

The resulting dinner for one:
1. Roasted Beets+Feta+Olive Oil+Salt+Pepper
2. One Fresh Tomato+Garlic Salt+Pepper+Feta
3. Five Asparagus Spears Cooked at 450 Degrees in Olive Oil+Garlic Salt+Pepper

Honestly, a stash of olive oil, garlic salt and feta rescues any random vegetable sitting around that isn't enough for a whole meal on it's own. (And squeezing some lemon on it all makes it even better.)

I probably say this a lot, but seriously my short work stint at The Greek in Ventura changed my life. Feta (and lemon) tastes great on evvvverything.

Just ask Mr. Panos. Here he explains what da Greeks eat on Greek Easter:

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