Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vibrations from the West

My second west coast installment for Tom Tom Magazine is up on the site. It's with Colleen Coffey of The Spires (pictured above w/ husband/bandmate Jason Bays). The Spires are from my hometown, Ventura, CA.

I like interviewing drummers who still feel "new" at the instrument, because it's something I can relate to, and it gives me a lot of inspiration. Colleen was super humble and nice. She's a lot like me in that her boyfriend kind of just insisted that she learn the drums.

The Spires just released a new LP called A Way of Seeing in May, and I really like it. Check out the music video for their song "TAM" that I posted with the article.

Click here, to read the interview for Tom Tom.

For fun, here's a music video for one of their older songs, which makes me miss Ventura like crazy, because its so pretty.

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  1. Boy friends extracting drumming ability out of their girl friends, is a phenomenon that will last for as long as boys feel compelled to write guitar music. i don't plan to stop.