Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer flashback meets shameless self-plug

Today it was hot. No -- it was hotter than hot. It was hell: over 100 degrees in Sacramento. So, where was I? At the American River swimming around, trying my best to stay cool. (We don't have central AC at our little Midtown home.)

Last summer was worse, though, temperature-wise. I lived in an upstairs apartment in Davis that could not be cool no matter how many pairs of sunglasses it owned. (Good joke, huh?) Though it was slummy, we still shared some good times in that tiny apartment.

I hadn't watched the music video Chris (my boyfriend/bandmate) and I made for "History" in a while. It pretty much captures what last summer was like trapped in Davis. Maybe this summer, Chris and I should make a new home video compilation for one of our newer songs.

If you haven't already seen it, here it is. The music video for our song "History" by us (Buildings Breeding). I think it accurately demonstrates our obsession with Ronald the Cat:

Oh, and speaking of "History," the song is on our new vinyl record (limited edition surf green vinyl!), "In the Key of Calloused Fingers," (see below) which you can purchase through our MySpace, or download (but not get the vinyl -- boo!) on iTunes.

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