Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vibrations from the West- Tom Tom Mag

You'd think the words "drumming" and "splinters" wouldn't paint a pretty sentence (callouses happen -- and once I even got a splinter from a horribly beat-up pair of drumsticks!). But in the case of the awesome Bay Area band, the Splinters, and their equally awesome drummer Courtney Gray, it's aaaalll good.

Check out my interview with the hard-hitting lady here: Vibrations from the West.

Oh, and when you pick up the latest issue of my other favorite magazine in the world, BUST, turn to page 10: Tom Tom Mag got an awesome shout-out.

While you're in the consuming mood, pick up the Splinters' brand new 7-inch, "Splintered Bridges."

We played with them earlier this year in Sacramento, and it was super fun.

To convince you of their garagey riot-grrrly '60s poppy greatness, here's a fun video for a song that really IS cool:

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