Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obvious ending, but still obviously important: A romantic comedy about abortion

Just when it seemed like all everyone was talking about was havin' babies via Knocked Up, Juno, "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Bristol Palin, a million preggo celebs, and that wacky Duggar family, director Gillian Robespierre comes along and reminds us of the other alternative for unplanned pregnancies: Abortion. GASP! 

Her short film, Obvious Child, is a romantic comedy that pretty much does what all those other movies fail to do: Present abortion as an option that is not going to ruin your entire life or give you a scarlet letter. Seriously, how refreshing!

It's not a terribly deep, multifaceted or risque film, which in a way is groundbreaking for this topic. In fact, Obvious Child seems to triumph because of its simplicity. Robespierre has made a complicated issue followable, touching, and... well... funny. For the first time, it casts abortion in the same light those popular "mistake baby movies" use to portray the  9-month-long option: It's the right choice for many; it can come with both awkward and heartwarming situations; and it is not a decision made easily. (Alert to pro-lifers: Women are NOT lined up around the block to get abortions. And they are NOT using it as a form of birth control. Jeesh!)

Other reasons to support this flick: It stars new SNL cast-member Jenny Slate who awesomely dropped the F-bomb on Saturday Night LIVE during her breakthrough performance. And it features some really good music. (Duh. The title, like, tooootally comes from the wonderful Paul Simon song.) Thanks, Director Gillian, I'm officially obsessed with Nocoats (Listen to "The Spector") and Balene, both of which I had never heard before seeing this movie.

Watch Obvious Child below, and let me know what you think:

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