Monday, January 11, 2010

Recent tales

My goodness, it's been a while since I've posted. (Besides the random dream rambling this weekend.) I am a gurl who is not informing!

Instead, here is what I have been doing in case anyone was wondering. I'll make it easy on you by using big photos to illustrate everything:

In October, I visited family and friends in Connecticut and New York City with my former roommate, Erin Herlihy. There, we ate, drank and were merry for a week. Erin learned about East Coast accents, my family's love for Happy Hour & karaoke, and truly cold weather. It was the foliage and all was beautiful, except when I got hives from eating raw oysters.

(Erin and I doing "Add it Up" by The Violent Femmes at karaoke in CT.
We had fans earlier in the night when we performed the more accessible "Say it Ain't So." This one was straight-up too vulgar and annoying, I guess.)

(The ill-fated oyster incident at Chowder Pot's happy hour in Hartford, CT.)

Like an annoying tourist, I went crazy in NYC and took a million photos of art at MOMA instead of buying postcards in their gift shop. I was less photo-happy when we saw two of the three Hanson brothers buried behind screaming fans in Time Square later that day. When we caught a glimpse of their faces, my reaction was: "Oh, that one doesn't look like a girl anymore." Then Erin offended one of their fans by asking her if "the ugly one" was there. "You know, the oldest one?" Erin explained as the girl gave her the stink-eye, before replying: "Yes, Isaac is here, and actuuuuuaaaally he is NOT ugly." Dang. Erin got TOLD.

(Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World" at MOMA.
He died almost exactly 1 year ago. This is the saddest piece. Painted in 1948.)

In November, my band Buildings Breeding played our last round of shows before calling it quits. Ironically (or maybe not-so ironically), both shows -- in Sacramento and in Davis -- probably drew some of the biggest crowds since we formed over 3 years ago. We also sold a lot of merch. Very bittersweet, but it was a wonderful ending to a great musical project. We also got paid by MTV to have one of our songs on "Sixteen & Pregnant," as well as two tracks on "Teen Mom." Apparently, our music appeals to a certain demographic. I'll thank Diablo Cody.

Also in November, I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for 7 people including my mom, step-dad and my brother who came up from Southern California. I suppose this means I am officially an adult. Oh yeah, and the food was great, obviously. Drench everything in butter and cover in bread crumbs, and you're good to go!

(Chris is holding a chocolate turkey.)

In December, the Sacramento News & Review ran a profile I wrote about metal artist Terrence Martin, and his life-size whale sculpture. After reading the piece, Terrence said I am "the bomb" in an e-mail. Sometimes I forget that I'm not the only person who still actively uses that term.

(Terrence inside the whale. Photo by Gabor Mereg.)

For the New Year, I got bangs, and Chris and I quit smoking cigarettes. Things keep lookin' up.

(Me, contemplating the year ahead... Resolution: Blog more!)

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